Thank you for life

Thank you for life

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Letters from transplant recipients to donor's families

'Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this chance of a future with my wife and children.'

A moving book containing the letters sent to organ donor families by patients who have received donated organs has been published for the first time.

Thank you for life  shares individuals' stories of the life-changing benefits of organ donation through the simplicity of letter writing. It relates the touching stories of recipients from a variety of backgrounds as they say 'thank you' to the families who agreed to the donation of their loved ones' organs.

The physicians and transplant coordinators who planned the book wanted to create a means of publicly celebrating the generosity of donors and their families. The other aim of the book was to encourage and increase organ donation, for which there is a shortage worldwide.

With illustrations of the donor recipients and their families, with the simple words of children grateful for a parent's life to carefully written texts expressing everlasting thanks, this beautifully produced book is a unique tribute to selfless giving.

The book will be offered to the families of organ donors at an appropriate time after donation has taken place. It will also be used as an educational tool for discussing and promoting organ donation in the UK. The relatives of previous donors can approach their donor coordinators to request a free copy.


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Thank you for life