Healing environment: without and within

Healing environment: without and within


Edited by Deborah Kirklin and Ruth Richardson

This book provides a clear conceptual framework for understanding the healing environment - not only that in which health care takes place but also of the real contribution that the arts can make to the inner environment of feelings and perceptions of those on a path of physical or mental healing.

Here is a source of inspiration and information for all those who are part of the caring community - be they direct providers of care or those who create the environment in which care and healing takes place.

From architecture to art therapies and medical humanities, the book looks at how partnerships between patients, artists, clinicians, architects, community leaders and managers - all of whom are represented among the contributors - can significantly influence the development and practice of patient-centred care. It gives examples of good practice and opens up the exciting possibilities that such interdisciplinary partnerships can generate.

Compelling evidence is clearly presented for the impact of environment on recovery and well being. The Healing Environment will both stimulate thinking and influence practice in this rapidly developing field of healthcare.


  • The healing environment: without and within - Deborah Kirklin
  • Healing by design: feeling better? - John Wells-Thorpe
  • Building healing environments: an historical perspective - Ruth Richardson
  • 'Take Art': opening the doors of the National Gallery - Ghislaine Kenyon
  • Integrating the arts into healthcare: can we affect clinical outcomes? - Rosalia Staricoff and Susan Loppert
  • The effect of colour and design in hydrotherapy: designing for care - Jane Duncan
  • The Mind Arts Project in Stockport: community arts in action - Michael Anderson
  • Mainlining with Trainspotting: using literature to enter other worlds - Claire Elliot
  • The tattooed intruder: in search of a healing environment - Michele Petrone
  • Instinct and effort: caring for an ill child - Michael Rowe
  • Poetry and caring: healing the within - John Fox
  • The medical paradigm: changing landscapes - Roger Higgs

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Healing environment: without and within