Denys Lasdun's Royal College of Physicians

Denys Lasdun's Royal College of Physicians

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By Barnabas Calder

The Royal College of Physicians in Regent's Park is considered one of the finest 20th century buildings in London, and architect Denys Lasdun's most successful creation.

This beautifully illustrated book describes the building in two parts. The first tells the story of how Lasdun approached the design and building of the RCP. In accepting the commission, he faced two potentially conflicting demands: to create a radical piece of modern architecture that would also serve as a setting for the centuries-old rituals of college life.

The second part is a guide to key areas and rooms of the RCP, illustrating the remarkable details of its fine design. The book explores the extraordinary ceremonial and functional spaces within the building, alongside Lasdun's struggle and eventual triumph in incorporating these with his own distinctive vision through feats of engineering and lavish materials - the result is a gripping tale.

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