Violence in society

Violence in society


Edited by Pamela J Taylor

The extent to which violence is a health problem is only now being fully recognised. This book (published in 1993) addresses the medical issues of violence from both the physical and psychological perspectives and sets out the quantitative challenges it presents to medicine as a whole. This collection of papers, comprising those given at the conference together with additional invited papers and overviews of each section, will be a valuable source of information to clinicians, health care workers, members of the police and legal profession and all those involved in the care of those who suffer violence - and those who inflict it.


  • Forward - Anthony W Clare
  • Violence as a health issue Editor's introduction
  • Part 1: the origins and causes of violence editorial
  • Human violence: a biological perspective - John Gunn
  • Aggression at different levels of social complexity - Robert A Hinde
  • The roots and role of violence in development - Eric Taylor
  • Contemporary psychological research into violence: an overview - Clive R Hollin
  • Women as violent offenders and violent patients - Tony Maden
  • Part 2: mental disorder and violence editorial
  • Mental illness and violence - Pamela J Taylor
  • Personality and violence - Ronald Blackburn
  • Drugs, aggression and violence - David M Foreshaw and John Strang
  • Alcohol and violence - John Hodge
  • Part 3: victims and survivors: shifting the focus of concern editorial
  • Managing disasters and stress in police officers involved in the aftermath - Barry Webb
  • Children as victims and survivors - William Yule
  • Everyday violence and experience of crime - Elizabeth A Stanko
  • part 4: Evaluation of the clinician's role editorial
  • Reconviction: a measure of psychiatric efficacy? - Graham Robertson
  • Furthering medical and psychological understanding of violence - Pamela J Taylor

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Violence in society