Modern medicines from plants growing in the RCP garden

Modern medicines from plants growing in the RCP garden


Edited by Jane Knowles    Illustrated by Karl Simmons

An exciting new publication exploring the RCP garden of medicinal plants. This is a pocket guide to 41 of the most significant plants in modern medicine growing in the dedicated garden within the grounds of the Royal College of Physicians building in London.

A collaboration between members of the RCP garden team; the medical story of each plant has been written by fellows of the college, the botanical notes are by the gardeners and the illustrations by accomplished artist and garden volunteer Karl Simmons. Together they have used all their experience and expertise and consulted the latest research to answer the burning questions: how, why and what are plant medicines?

The booklet also contains a glossary of terms and a table of plants and medicines that lays out the active chemical component found in each plant and how the medicines are produced from it.

This is an attractive handy version of a larger authoritative work that has just been published entitled; 'Modern medicines from plants' which is also available to purchase from this shop. 

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Modern medicines from plants growing in the RCP garden